Anyone who had the opportunity to enjoy a performance of this incredible woman will find the easiest way to describe her:

She is a powerful, electrifying, positive energy transmitter and crowd catcher from the first moment. She is literally that kind of unique DJ-artist, that takes place in our memories for a long time and makes us tell everybody, how impressed we were by enjoying her performance.

Oda belongs to the range of the few remarkable artists, whose special debut we experience only once in a decade.

Without any industrial promotion support, she was able to convince with her raw talent and to get invited straight from Prishtina City to the most internationally renowned clubs and festivals. Just to name a few, she performed already at places like Berghain (Berlin), Rote Sonne (Munich), Nordstern (Basel), Ankali (Prague), Motel Campo (Geneva), Kala Festival (Dhërmi), Sunny Hill (Prishtina) as well as at the Fashion Week Berlin, Art Week Basel, Charlie (Munich) and many more.

For those who still haven’t met her: Oda was born and raised in Prishtina. For over ten years she is a hard-working and established producer and DJ-artist in the electronic music scene of Balkan.

Besides her passion for the music, Oda is a tireless human rights activist, involved in a long line of social engagements that have a significant positive impact in the Balkan cultural scene.
Beyond music and activism, Oda has an extensive experience working as a successful entrepreneur, running a few bars/clubs and restaurant in Prishtina, also as a PR expert, festival and event organizer, before her career as a DJ, began.

Oda’s style as a DJ is based on the curation of a track selection from disco to techno, paired with an acid and experimental electronica. Her way of mixing these different genres and at the same time always keeping a funky and sexy groove in line is what makes her performance special and turns every dance floor into a party fire.

Her first upcoming EP will be released soon in collaboration with the artist Motel Sazani. Oda and Motel Sazani have founded a producer-team project called “In•Tendo”, under which they will perform together as a live-act in the future.

She has been focusing also on another collaboration with celebrated musician Blerta Kosova, for which they have established an experimental live-act | tandem |.

By: 0711 Talents